Sebastián Roda, CFA

How did the CFA designation made a difference in your life?

The first time I heard about the CFA designation was from my Finance professors at University, Diego Indarte, CFA and Fernando Zimet, CFA. I was very lucky to have those two excellent professionals teaching me the very basics about Finance. Once I finished my degree in Economics I noticed that a career in Investments was what I wanted. A few years later, I decided to switch jobs, began working as a Financial Analyst at an Investment Management company and commenced studying the CFA Program.

What a journey! It took me hundreds of hours, a lot of coffee, many missed social events and (maybe) a few kilos to approve all three levels. At the end, I’m happy to say it was worth it… The only way to finish this race, is to enjoy the ride. The CFA program gave me the tools to better understand my job as an Analyst but more importantly it gave me the opportunity to meet an incredible amount of excellent professionals and remarkable persons.