Fernando Zimet, CFA

How did the CFA designation made a difference in your life?

Gaining the Charter wasn’t easy, I was working full-time whilst taking the exams, right after finishing my Masters degree in International Economics. In 2010, I became a CFA Charterholder.On the bright side, it is not too expensive. On the flip side, it was tough, I studied long hours, both at the weekends and before and after work. I was lucky though not to fail any of the exams and that it did not get to ruin my personal life!

But it was worth the effort! The CFA charter gave me a pretty good financial knowledge, helping me to understand the link between the macroeconomy, accountancy, monetary policy and financial markets. Besides, the CFA charter is day after day more recognized in the financial environment, helping me to get visibility and adding credibility as a signal of competence.

How is the CFA I making a difference in the industry?

CFA Institute is a leading global organization that counts on a team of people with high commitment, a stated mission to promote the highest standard of ethics, education, and professional excellence for the ultimate benefit of society, and a decent amount of resources to do the job. In this regard, CFA Institute does not fall short of providing support to the financial markets in every single place of the world, pursuing a better world for investment professionals and for the society as a whole by trying to get back the lost confidence in financial markets and advisors. This should encourage safe investment habits, a more balanced global economic development and, hence, a better standard of living for mankind.