Complete Guide on the CFA Program

CFA Society Uruguay proudly announces the release of its comprehensive guide video in spanish on the CFA Program, now available on their official YouTube channel.

The video, skillfully crafted by Dédalo Films, had the participation of CFA Society volunteers and delves into key aspects of the program, exploring the reasons behind choosing the CFA path, detailing the program’s curriculum, comparing CFA with MBA, and shedding light on the diverse professional landscapes where CFA Charterholders thrive.



0:00 Why choose the CFA Program?

2:39 What will you study in the CFA Program?

3:36 CFA vs MBA

5:49 Where do CFA Charterholders work?

6:31 CFA Society Uruguay

Acknowledgments: Micaela Dawid, Fernando Zimet, Franco Mercatini, Sofía Berrosteguieta, Agustina Terra, Stefano Paolini, Fabian Ibarburu, Sofia Garcia, and Alianza Cultural Uruguay EE-UU.

Video produced by Dédalo Films.

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