Ai’s Winners, Losers and Wannabes.

CFA Society Uruguay is proud to have brought together financial analysts, portfolio managers, academics, and other distinguished professionals for an event with Professor Damodaran, who visited Uruguay for the second time.

In a packed conference room, we had the opportunity to explore the lessons learned from revolutionary changes since the era of PCs in the 1980s to the explosion of social media in the 2010s, and how to properly evaluate companies in the field of artificial intelligence.

We would like to thank the Universidad ORT, the Universidad de Montevideo, the Universidad Católica, and Facultad de Ciencias Económicas y de Administración  for their collaboration in promoting this event.

We also extend our gratitude to our sponsors, Schroders, MyG, and Colchester, whose support makes initiatives like this possible, and to CAF for providing us with their incredible auditorium.

Thank you to everyone for being part of this enriching event, from which we take away reflections that will continue to resonate.

Photos: Tamar Rausky