The tradition of trust in the Uruguayan Financial Market – EVENT

Uruguay continues to build the tradition of trust in the financial market. Our country is on the path of development of its capital market. For its consolidation, it is essential to have high standards of ethics and professionalism in the financial industry. Read More…

CFA Society Uruguay signs an alliance with fund manager Colchester Global Investors

In line with its mission to promote the development of the highest standard of financial practices, CFA Society in Uruguay has sealed an alliance with London-based fund manager Colchester Global Investors, in order to strengthen its areas of enterprise, exchange knowledge and to work together on the various actions and activities to be developed in the country.

#CFADifference – Testimonial of Adrian Zak, CFA

CFA. How well-equipped are we to navigate the uncertainties of the financial world? We are sharing the testimonial of Adrian Zak, CFA, Member of the Board of Director of our Society. Watch it HERE.

#CFADifference – Testimonial of Diego Stella, CFA

CFA. It demands strict ethical guidelines when dealing with investors while always putting their interests first. We are sharing the testimonial of Diego Stella, CFA, Vice President of the Board of Director of our Society. Watch it HERE.


CFA Exam Updates

What are the changes to the format and frequency of the CFA exam? How do these CFA Exam changes benefit candidates? Check all latest updates here

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